Calvary Baptist School’s athletics program seeks to instill Christ-like character in students by teaching perseverance, teamwork and discipline. The Calvary Eagles compete against a variety of public and private schools and participates in the Wisconsin Association of Christian Schools (WACS).


Calvary offers a competitive soccer program in the fall for high school boys and in the spring for high school girls. Eighth grade students are allowed to practice and train with the team.

Calvary has basketball teams for both boys and girls in junior high and high school. The season runs from mid-November through the end of February with several tournaments throughout the season.

Girls volleyball is offered in the fall to junior high and high school students.

Athletic Forms

Physical Fitness

At Calvary, we believe having an active body is an important part of having a learning mind.  We incorporate physical fitness at every grade level by encouraging active playtime at recess and regular gym classes for both elementary and high school students.